Economy is the wealth and resources of a country especially in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services. This is executed by individuals who are living in or out of a certain place. The study of economics can help the firms and households or the buyers and sellers in the society as they interact in the market. It can also help analyze inflation or the rapid increase in price. The Philippine economy is the thirty-ninth largest economy according to 2014 IMF statistics. It is currently one of Asia’s fastest growing country and has been named as the Tiger Club Economies. But nevertheless, there are still problems we can evade like inflation, unemployment, poverty, and corruption. This 2015, we are facing problems we need to attain. Inflation, which is the top concern of all social classes. We’ve been recently hit by el Nino which resulted in the upward pressure on inflation. Merchandise exports fell by 12.9% in US dollar terms in the first half and imports fell by 8.3%. The trade deficit widened but growth in remittances and services exports, mainly from business process outsourcing and tourism, kept the current account in surplus.

Yes, The Philippines is facing a lot right now but don’t you think it would be wise to give a little more attention to education for the youth since they will be the next generation to withstand our country’s economy and politicians? The youth is the hope of our nation as what Dr. Jose P. Rizal said. Education is the answer to some of our problems right now. It would benefit the people and our economy. Education is power. Completing your education teaches you how to be responsible and it teaches you how to use logic. For people that do not have a fortunate background, education is the greatest equalizer. The availability of education today is much more prevalent than in generations past, allowing individuals from lower socio-economic backgrounds to compete with the majority of job seekers. Being able to gain a degree they are on the same level as many others, and can rise from their present level, reducing inequality, both at an economic and a social level in a society. Therefore, Education could be the solution to some of our problems economically and politically.



19 thoughts on “EDUKASYON PARA SA EKONOMIYA By: Clarise Deloria

  1. I agree with the article that education is the solution to some of the problems we are facing right now. It will be advantageous for the Philippines to educate their youth since they will be the future leaders of the country. However, this does that mean that we should solely focus on education. Economy is a factor that affects our country greatly. We should give each the attention they deserve because they are important factors that will either lead to the country’s prosperity or destruction.

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  2. It is true that educations is the absolute answer to the ending problems and poverty that country has been facing. Citizens are not able to apply for jobs if they are uneducated, therefore education is the key to all rising problems. Students who are privilege to go to school should be thankful and work hard to attain their goal. I believe that the children is our future.
    – Mary Christine Saldon

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  3. Indeed, we must focus on the hope for the future generations, especially on their education, since they will be the ones who will be eventually working towards the future of this country along with its Economy. Not only must we depend on them but our present generation must also do its best to secure this vision so that someday, the Philippines will be great again.

    – Alacrito, Ian

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  4. I agree with the article that education is positively the right answer to the solve the problems in our country. It is indeed right for the youth to be educated for they are the hope of the future. The youth should be able to know about the current status of our economy for them to undestand and not be ignorant of what is happening i our country.

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  5. “The function of education is to teach someone intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.” Education is something that can’t be taken away from us. Certainly, if man is well-educated and well-mannered, then he could be the one that can change not just the country, but also the world.

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  6. Education is not a privilege only of the elite few. It shouldn’t be granted only to those who can afford it. Less fortunate people are innocent to the fact that frequent and unplanned reproduction is a small matter that causes great problems. Therefore, a remedy to this may be education.

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  7. I absolutely agree to this statement. Education is one of the most important factor in the development of the state. It broaden our minds and we cannot deny the fact that education is essential to every human being. I think our government should learn to prioritize on what is truly needed for the country’s growth and economical progress.


  8. As the labor supply increases, more pressure is placed on the wage rate. If the demand for labor by employers does not keep up with the supply of labor, then the wage rate will be depressed. This is particularly harmful for employees working in industries that have low barriers to entry for new employees, i.e. they do not have high education or training requirements. Industries with higher requirements tend to pay workers higher wages, both because there is a smaller labor supply capable of operating in those industries and because the required education and training carries significant costs. This is how education affects the economy.


  9. More schools means more students; more teachers means more jobs and educators; more educated children means a progressive country with less crimes committed, onwards to a more developed country.


  10. Education is the key to success. This is the only cure to ignorance. We go to school not because of the diploma but because we want to learn something that we could apply to our lives, and that knowledge we would earn can be embarked to others. In this way we are helping the country and ourselves.
    – Gwynneth Muriel Guarin


  11. There are many things that we were born with, knowing the difference between the right and the wrong or how things are the way they are, but with education those things are explored that will broaden our knowledge thus enabling us to think critically during tight situations. That’s why I firmly agree that education is one of the main solutions to our problems.


  12. It is the right of everyone to have an education. The government should focus more on this to cure ignorance and for the citizens to decide better on things that are related to our govt and economy. If we are all educated, we will be wiser enough to choose a good leader, those citizens who owns a business will know strategies to cope up with the economy’s state, etc. Things will be easier if all of us are educated.

    -Naquila, Rosary Faith P.


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