From riches to rags: The Philippine’s Economy and Politics By Anikka Gajudo

Each country has its own economy. Economy is the process of production, distribution and consumption of certain goods and services by individuals in the society. The Philippines economy is a common-based economy. It allows the production and distribution of goods and services according to the control and imposition by certain men and women, organization or government.

In order for a country to be progressive, one must know how to plan and implement economic development while maintaining political stability.

Economy is often associated with politics. Politics is the power of governance. The Philippines has a representative democracy as a political system. It allows individual participation of governance through votation and elect representatives to govern them.

The Philippine economy has a mixed history of growth and development.

Back in the days, the Philippines was once considered as one of the richest countries in Asia but now we are one of the poorest and underdeveloped countries in Asia. The fall of our economy started in 1981 during the Marcos’ administration when the Philippines started experiencing economic problems like scarcity of resources and social unrest.  Although there were some points that the Philippine economy flourished, like during Fidel Ramos’ administration, it wasn’t enough to bring it back on track. It even worsened during Joseph Estrada’s administration when foreign investors lost their interest in making business with the Philippines which can develop the Philippines’ economy.

So as you can see, the Philippine’s Economy is somehow dependent on the government of the Philippines and how it implements economic development. Filipinos complain about having a sucky economy and how a lot of people are unemployed and are in poverty but it is also their fault for not voting the right people to lead their country because the government plans and implements economic development. For example, we chose an actor, Joseph Estrada, to lead our country who in turn was corrupt and was impeached for cryonism, corruption and many more.

But now the Philippine economy is slowly growing. The Gross National Income increased from 4.2% to 5.0%. The unemployment rate decreased a little from 6.6% to 6.4%. The Gross Domestic Product increased from 5.0% to 5.6%.

The Filipinos should use their suffrage responsibly and correctly. The Filipinos should be educated so that they choose their leaders wisely in order for the country to grow and develop. We reap what we sow.


Sociology and Anthropology: Fundamental Concepts on Society and Man by Glenn Trajano


18 thoughts on “From riches to rags: The Philippine’s Economy and Politics By Anikka Gajudo

  1. I believe that suffrage is one of the most important rights a Filipino can have. Suffrage allows us to vote for the people who we think would make good leaders. This right, however, has been tainted. Instead of voting for the people who we think would lead us to prosperity, we end up voting for the people who give us the most money. We are sacrificing our future for a few pesos which would’ve been nothing compared to the prosperity we would’ve had if we had not been so ignorant and blinded by our greed.

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  2. Suffrage is all about our right to vote. As Filipinos we are responsible to elect certain government officials to lead our country for a better state. Duties of the Filipinos is to participate in voting because the least we could do as students is to help the government choose a leader and as what everyone says, choose wisely and ensure that your political leader has a good motive in running for politics.
    – Mary Christine Saldon

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  3. I completely agree that we reap what we sow. Our actions now will affect the future and the same has held true in the past. Now we must face the consequences of the actions of the previous generation, and the same will happen to the generations to come. We need to improve the status of the Philippine Economy in order to ensure the future of our country.

    – Alacrito, Ian

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  4. Suffrage is one of the rights of being a citizen of this country and we must use it wisely for the betterment of our nation,and eventually it will lead to the growing economy and the solution to the major problems in the Philippines such as poverty. If we do not use our right to suffrage wisely and vote for corrupt officials we could eventually say goodbye to the Philippines plan for the future and head straight down to hell.

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  5. Yes, suffrage. Our duty, obligation and most especially, our right that we should register and cast a vote because we are the one’s who will choose the leader among all the leaders in order to lead the country thoroughly, with good intentions. As a citizen in this country, we should not be captivated by money especially during election. Instead, choose the one who you think that will lead the country for the better.

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  6. Suffrage is our right to vote. It is our responsibility to be able to vote and to vote for leaders who are worthy for the position and can help accomodate the needs of our economy and of the nation. With the right leaders, our country will truly be a progressive one.

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  7. Suffrage is a right and obligation that we must take seriously. Voting for the wrong people will allow us to a fail as a nation. Good leadership will let us reach great heights.

    -Pinili, June Katherine E.

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  8. We all have the right to vote, and that is Suffrage. Poor uneducated people should not be the targets of greedy politicians, as citizens of this country, it should be our obligation to inform and teach them about these greedy and corrupt politicians so that they can vote for the right people. In this way, we can have a better future.
    -Laurence Michael C. Tan

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  9. These days, we Filipinos waste this right. We don’t use and know what this right is for. It’s the utmost right wherein the citizens take control yet we are never in control. We let ourselves be blinded by false media news and story telling and money…money was always the problem. We should learn to become wise and independent to go back to the riches from the rags.


  10. “A wise voter must make a decision with a clear value, especially in line with nation-building.” What matters is that we know what direction we want our country to go to. We must know what we need to be and what we want to be as a nation. We have the power in choosing which candidate would lead us to progress. If we elect corrupt officials, it is ultimately our fault because we put them in that position.


  11. When voting for people who will be the leaders of our country, do not vote for those whom we already know are self-righteous.Our country will never prosper if they are elected over and over again. Our country is very rich in natural resources. Let our leaders use these resources, hence, creating more job opportunities for our people.


  12. We are living in a democratic country. We are given the power to choose our leaders and even to be one of the leaders. In other words, we are very privileged because of this sovereignty. But why is our country always lead by a corrupt leader? Because we made a bad choice. Now the 2016 election is fast approaching people should be reminded that our choice makes a big difference. One should vote wisely.
    -Gwynneth Muriel Guarin


  13. Voting in a democratic country is very important because it allows people to participate in their government and it prevents a minority from dictating the policies of a majority. This means that the citizens have the chance to run and be apart of what administers their nation. If the entire nation cooperates in the government, the nation will thrive.


  14. The future of our nation lies in our hands. If we cast our votes the wrong person, it will be impossible for us to take back our votes because he’s already in the position. So for us not to regret anything, we should choose wisely and never be tamed by the candidate’s words but look on their actions.

    -Naquila, Rosary Faith P.


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