GROWING NUMBERS by Dindo Paradela

The population of the Philippines is estimated at 100,096,496 as of July 1 2014. The Philippines’s population is equivalent to 1.38% of the total world population The Philippines ranks number 12 in the list of countries by population. Based on these facts, one could say that the Philippines is a well populated country. But now, a question comes into mind that says, “Is the Philippines overpopulated?” Based on the research I have conducted, The Philippine population has increased by almost 30 million in the last decade. With the Philippines being a third world country, it is not so much of a surprise to see people living in substandard conditions. Many people live in such little space here in the Philippines, and this is very evident, especially in squatter areas. There is also a great lack of family planning which can be seen in everyday life here in the Philippines, given all the homeless families with more than 5 children that are living on the side of the streets. Along with this, it is also difficult to get a proper education, given the current situation of the Department of Education, which means that those living in poverty, which composes a large percentage of the population, will not be able to get a proper education, which means that people will not be able to obtain proper and stable jobs, which will result in the poverty rate increasing in the future. This lack of opportunity means that many will result to manual labor, which is quite common given the situation of the Philippines. Given this information, I can therefore conclude that my opinion on the Philippines being overpopulated is not entirely incorrect.



18 thoughts on “GROWING NUMBERS by Dindo Paradela

  1. The Philippines is truly becoming overpopulated. If this trend does indeed continue to go on, the country will not be able to support or provide for the majority of the population due to the large amount of people living in the country without a proper source of income which will result in people not being able to pay taxes properly, which, in turn, will also affect the government’s budget, specifically, the part of the budget allocated to providing services for the country’s citizens.

    – Alacrito, Ian


  2. Because of our growing population it’s hard to conclude that our country would make any progress. The land is not getting any bigger. Our resources are depleting. If this goes on then there will be nothing left for the next generation. I think it’s time we cut the numbers.


  3. Let’s say 100,096,496 is just a number, hut that number indicates how over populated our country is to the extent that some filipinos doesn’t have a stable place to live and with that, these are the people who are experiencing poverty. Therefore, RH Bill is a great help in controlling the population that can hopefully decrease the rate of poverty in our country.


  4. Overpopulation is not a foreign concept to us. That’s what’s wrong. We’ve had this problem for so long and yet we have done nothing to solve it. What are we waiting for? Most of the Philippines is living in poverty. Our resources are slowly depleting. If the population numbers don’t stop growing, we will all die due to lack of resources.


  5. Over population in the Philippines is not something new. Given the fact that we are exceeding in capacity but the government has not yet found a solution to this very critical problem. Many citizens are experiencing poverty due to over population for the government cannot provide for everyone and therefore we are not progressing in any way.
    – Mary Christine Saldon


  6. We need to educate those in the streets to stop reproducing. We are in dire need of proper sex ed. We need fertility centers, we need health care, we need free contraceptives to be given to the public. We are drowning in poverty and we need to swim back up.
    – ligutom


  7. Is the Philippines really overpopulated? Have Filipinos exceeded the carrying capacity of the Philippines? My answer to that is: because the number of people living in major cities is not in line with its carrying capacity, there is overcrowding. To a great extent, the available sustainable resources of the country does not support the size of the population. So therefore, the overcrowding has more to do with how the government has mismanaged the situation.


  8. Overpopulation has been a problem of the Philippines for so long. Are we getting used to it? Is this why we haven’t found a solution to it? Nevertheless, we have to. The growing numbers of our society causes our resources to deplete quickly. A lack of resources will force the people to live in poverty.


  9. Overpopulation has always been a problem in our country. Because of this, there are more uneducated and unemployed citizens in our country. Our resources are almost being consumed due to the increasing rate of our population. Our government is also having a difficult time supporting every citizens’ need. We must act quick before all our resources would be consumed.


  10. Resources are declining and we are overpopulating, the balance is disturbed and so as our need, let’s not conclude immediately that it is the government’s fault. We must remember, we are the problem ourselves. So we should stop complaining on the ways but the root cause of the problem which is us. we need to learn to see the future first before making unnecessary actions that may wound our country’s balance and needs.


  11. Overpopulation in the Philippines isn’t a new problem. The people should know about birth control to lessen the population in the philippines.


  12. Are we that indifferent that we would just sit by and watch our resources slowly draining? There are solutions that are rational, why must they reject something that will bring help and balance to the nation. I can tell you why, because their desires are greater than helping the country at all.


  13. How about this time, it’s us children who will educate our parents about population growth and encourage them to stop adding another person to the family. And at the same time, the children should learn how to approach their parents and ask questions they are curious about sex so that they will be educated. They should help themselves so that they will not be ignorant regarding this matter. They should not wait to be spoon-fed by their parents about sex education because we all know by this age, we already have an idea about sex. And the least thing that we can do is never try this even if experience is the best teacher. It’s the best thing that you can do to help our nation.

    -Naquila, Rosary Faith P.


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