The economy of the philippines is 39th largest in the world,and is also one of the emerging markets.Now I ask is it developed, is it improved ?I say YES considering that we are developed in terms of our economy and capital markets.From what I have obeserved the GDP of the Philippines since 1960 started to increase in the year 2000 and only started going up we are starting to evolve if you will,we are starting to improve ,however its growth has been behind that of many of its Asian neighbors,the so called Asian tigers or the asian dragons is a very developed economy namely Hong Kong ,Singapore,South Korea,Taiwan.These are the nations and areas were notable for maintaining very high growth rates.But the Phillipines though small compared to the other tigers posted a high GDP growth rates reaching 6.8 in 2012 and 7.2 in the year 2013 slowly we are improving.Now scarcity in the Philippines this is a problem we all face having no food .We should create more investment opportunities in agriculture, so this problem will be diminished we are people we should help one another in order for our economy to grow and evolve.After typhoon yolanda the philippines needs to prepare for the increased risk of disaster brought about by climate change .The long -term risks of typhoon Yolanda include a rise in unemployment and underimployment,increased poverty levels,and deteriorations in human capital indicators a lot of people could have been pushed into poverty.Now the philippines though having a great economy needs to improve more in order to not good but great being more better each year having to accomplish something more than what we had before.

Now our politics our government is diciplined but as we make and decide and choose our leaders are we really choosing a leader who will lead us?a leader who will help his people in their time of need and not look toward coruption.We do not need powerful rich leaders we need good kind heart-ed leaders who will rise above selfishness ,we need to improve ourselves in order to be better I mean when we vote is it really the person we voted to blame?or is it the ones who voted that person to lead..we have to make a stand and make our society our government better in order not to look at the past but see the more brighter future.




18 thoughts on “OUR ECONOMY

  1. I agree with the article. Although our economy is steadily rising, it is still enough. Our “great” economy is not yet the best. We can do so much more to help improve our economy. One way is to vote wisely and responsibly. It may not seem like a huge thing to most but who we vote for will determine our country’s future.


  2. Yes our country is developing, we see tiny bits of progress here and there but is it really enough? Are we satisfied of the growth right now? As a citizen I still see so many things wrong in our country, the lack of resources, the uneducated fellowmen and for those Filipinos experiencing poverty.
    – Mary Christine Saldon


  3. We need to know our weak points and strengthen them to put our nation to greatness. Our nation really has great potential to become something more. We were one of the topguns before, but we slipped up. We need to catch up in the economy.
    – Ligutom, Martina


  4. The economy may be improving from the 60’s but from what I’ve observed I don’t see any improvement present in society. It might just be that the government or the media might be blinding us, covering up what is the real news that the people need to know. Majority of the population is not happy with the government and it’s secret. There is a high possibility that the government is hiding the truth in the “growth” in the economy of this nation.


  5. Our country should not aim mediocrity. “Good” will never be enough. So as being the 39th country in the largest emerging economy in the world. We all know that some countries are belittling us. We should prove to them that we have something to give especially in our economy. Therefore, little by little, we should make a move in order to achieve the better, progressive Philippines.


  6. Our country is slowly developing, but there are still a lot of problems to solve. There are many ways for our country to become rich and great. One way is for us the citizens of the Philippines to be wise in voting for our leaders.
    -Andre Austin Trabajo


  7. Our country might be slowly developing but I still do not see any progress. We should not only be satified by this little improvements but rather aim for a bigger one. With unity and good leaders we could make bigger improvements in our economy and can also help us make a better nation.


  8. The country may be developing, but I believe that will never be enough. We should never settle for mediocrity. We must aim to ultimately become a developed country.


  9. Our country is progressing, but in fact, there are still millions of Filipinos starving, running out from their jobs, uneducated. we are vulnerable so other countries threatens to overpower us. We have the resources but we don’t use it well. We need to rise up to the challenge for our country before we fall down into the abyss.


  10. In recent years, the Philippines has emerged as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, impressively rivalling the dizzying growth rates of fellow Asian countries such as China. But I agree a comment that we aren’t exactly the best but I believe we can still improve.


  11. Choose wisely and responsibly the people who we will be voting to be our leaders. It is them who will either bring our country to a steadfast progress. It is great to learn that our economy is slowly picking up despite the many natural calamities that the country has experienced. Thumbs-up to the leaders who are REALLY doing their job.


  12. Having a dream without doing something about it is just a wish. We all dream for the Philippines to rise up from the ashes of poverty, corruption, pollution and discrimination. We are more than what other countries think about us. We are Filipinos and we are warriors. Let’s show to the world that we are capable, intelligent and hardworking people. And let’s not waste the dreams of our heroes.
    -Gwynneth Muriel Guarin


  13. We can easily pinpoint the government if something unfortunate happened, but is the government entirely an abyss of greed and hunger of power? There are eggs of the eagle mixed with the regular bird’s eggs. If only we can immediately remove the poison as easy as we mixed it before it starts contaminating the good stuff.


  14. Just as how a tree grows, the economy also grows slowly. In some cases, it grows so slow that no one notices until the economy has gotten so large and people would just ask how it got there. It may be hard to see any solid or concrete improvement, time will always tell if there will be progress or not.

    – Alacrito, Ian


  15. Good things take time. We can’t expect that our economy will rise in just a blink of an eye because we all know how big our debt is. While we’re not yet their in our goals, we should keep striving to reach our nation’s goals.

    -Naquila. Rosary Faith P.


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