What is a true leader?

Auguste Comte is known to be the first sociologist and was recognized due to his “Law of Three Phases.” He is a man with positive thoughts and believes that truth comes from our valid knowledge. The first law stated is the Theological phase which I believe that divine power is the principle of all that exists. Human development is reasoned that it is a state of being a god. Another considered phase is the scientific phase wherein it states that people could detect solutions to social problems by science but I do not fully commit to this statement for I think that science does not answer everything. Abstract beliefs cannot be answered by science and they should not easy predict that it is all irrational. Apart from that I support in his saying that sociology is the greatest of science due to its numerous amount of help to our society.
Harriet Martineau rejected theology as the foundation for society because she was alongside with secularism wherein our own individual religion should not play a role in the government or the public society. As a citizen I coincide with this because every single one of us has our beliefs and that no one should be interfering. We are also well-informed that science and the church do not go well along with each other being that they both have different beliefs.
Karl Marx is a man who is being entirely realistic. Projecting that man who works does not receive enough funds for the labor work they have rendered. Workers are alienated with their product which is owned by capitalist entirely for sole profits. They are having no due share to their creation and it is entirely unfair. Marx voiced out that the main reason for conflict is due to poverty. Workers need more profit at the expense of workers hard labors. Social conflict can be eased by eliminating classes and if all workers would unite. Everyone should be equal and have no power advantage over the other. Marx promotes communism wherein it is a society of equals in which there are no rich and poor human beings.

-Mary Christine C. Saldon