The economy of the philippines is 39th largest in the world,and is also one of the emerging markets.Now I ask is it developed, is it improved ?I say YES considering that we are developed in terms of our economy and capital markets.From what I have obeserved the GDP of the Philippines since 1960 started to increase in the year 2000 and only started going up we are starting to evolve if you will,we are starting to improve ,however its growth has been behind that of many of its Asian neighbors,the so called Asian tigers or the asian dragons is a very developed economy namely Hong Kong ,Singapore,South Korea,Taiwan.These are the nations and areas were notable for maintaining very high growth rates.But the Phillipines though small compared to the other tigers posted a high GDP growth rates reaching 6.8 in 2012 and 7.2 in the year 2013 slowly we are improving.Now scarcity in the Philippines this is a problem we all face having no food .We should create more investment opportunities in agriculture, so this problem will be diminished we are people we should help one another in order for our economy to grow and evolve.After typhoon yolanda the philippines needs to prepare for the increased risk of disaster brought about by climate change .The long -term risks of typhoon Yolanda include a rise in unemployment and underimployment,increased poverty levels,and deteriorations in human capital indicators a lot of people could have been pushed into poverty.Now the philippines though having a great economy needs to improve more in order to not good but great being more better each year having to accomplish something more than what we had before.

Now our politics our government is diciplined but as we make and decide and choose our leaders are we really choosing a leader who will lead us?a leader who will help his people in their time of need and not look toward coruption.We do not need powerful rich leaders we need good kind heart-ed leaders who will rise above selfishness ,we need to improve ourselves in order to be better I mean when we vote is it really the person we voted to blame?or is it the ones who voted that person to lead..we have to make a stand and make our society our government better in order not to look at the past but see the more brighter future.