On Philippine Economy and Politics

Looking at our political development, Philippine politics has already started even before the pre-colonial era; from islands considered as single states governed by datus until forming the whole archipelago as one single state with united people under the rule of a single leader. Different factors have caused for our state and politics to develop, and one concrete example is the colonization of different countries.

Basically, we are fortunate citizens because first, we have a government that keeps our country disciplined and well-developed, second, we have an agency that promulgate ordinances, statutes and bills for the betterment of our state and for the people and lastly, we have an organization officiated by elected representatives from different branches whom we look up to and lead us, as well.

But despite these developments, are we really electing leaders for our betterment or are we making and producing more corrupt leaders out of these elections?

Built infrastructures and programs made for the people are not justifiable means of the rampant corruption happening in the current Philippine politics. Ladies and gentlemen, if we try to look at the larger part of the painting, we will see and learn that it is not Philippine politics that has a problem, but rather the persons inside the system.

As citizens of this republic, we are the first-hand beneficiaries of all the government officials have done, and in a democratic society, we are of good hold in the government; but in the present setting, we can seldom see idealists who care so much for our country and the people. Most Filipinos tend to forget that we are electing officials to represent us and not enslave or abuse us, thus making the citizens as great contributors on why Philippine politics have become like this, we are overpowered by fear, resulting to passive and coward constituents.

Politics won’t smell bad if we use our right to suffrage very well; if we will be more critical and enrich our sense of nationalism and if we don’t degrade our dignity by allowing our votes to be bought by candidates.

Complaints, street parliamentary, ranting, defamation; yes, that’s what we see in the status quo. Citizens are full of regrets after every election, but whose fault is that? Why are they only blaming the officials? Didn’t they know how hard it is to sit on the position and try to make a change? And if the elected leaders fail to do their works, who should the people blame? Them? Or the ones who voted for them?

Yes, this is the face of Philippine politics; from passive voters to selfish candidates to corrupt leaders. Why should we wait for the next generations to suffer and continue the dirty cycle? Let’s start from ourselves; we should learn to think nationally. We should put leaders who, if not the best, have the better track record among the others, who has advocacies that include the sectors that need more help and who has “glocalization” included in the platform. By then, the face of Philippine politics might still have a chance to be cleansed.

Let’s start from ourselves and ignite change.