Philippine population has been steadily rising,  birth rates are higher than death rates.  Is this a problem for the rising tiger of Asia? Has the Filipino people,  through its duly elected government,  been doing its best to curb the negative effects of its rise in population? What is left for the Philippines to do to help itself from the problems of large populations? The Philippine population  the time of the Americans was 2 million nationwide,  but in less than 100 years it’s population has risen to 100 million in 2015. many countries have populations larger than that of the Philippines.  China,  being an international powerhouse,  is one with the largest population with over a billion citizens. One may ask,  why did we mention China in an issue of population in our local setting? It is because population is not an issue for us,  nor should it be.  Why would I say anything  like that? It is because when you educate people,  give them jobs,  that is a work force of skilled individuals
which could uplift the state of our nation.  Population is not a problem,  the main issue here is the economy. A larger workforce means we can do more.  Doing more equals more money flowing.  But to maintain that huge workforce we need jobs. Let’s go back to China.  They have over a billion citizens,  but they are an economic power house.  They provide jobs for their people,  they survive because they are able to get the job done. To survive economically,  China will have to provide more jobs.  But with competition from other countries to provide a quality product and work force, it’s an uphill climb for them only to reach a summit and come back down.  The Philippines in the other hand is growing.  BPO companies come to the Philippines to search for a well-educated, skilled workforce.
As mentioned,  population is equal to workforce. The difficulty is when that population is not well-educated,  or if there is a lack of applicable jobs. The Philippines is on the rise because it’s work force is skilled in the different fields.  This brings us back to our problem of population This is what we see in the Philippines.  Those who have no proper jobs are homeless,  some would argue that they are a cancer to our economy.  Yet what happens when you train them,  teach them? They become a workforce which can handle the things that  have to do .  But what happens to the population after you educate them? Is education enough to make the “population problem” go away? No,  you need to provide your skilled workforce with jobs. We have the people,  we can provide the education,  we can get investors,  what is there to stop us? Ourselves.  Filipinos think they can not be as great as other countries,  most of us believe that the Philippines is not ready for that economic growth and that our efforts and thatched of the government are in vain
Our government has done it’s part and continues to do so.  It provides jobs through public private partnerships,  it allows foreign investment, it is up to us to meet the standards,  to do what we have to do to survive and to help our nation.
To summarize it all,  the problem is not population,  population is not a problem,  it is what we can do.  We do what we have to do for the common good and not for personal gain.

There may be one more mouth to feed but two more hands to help.

Joe Mari P. Militante