Philippines and China dispute over The Spratly Islands and Scarborough Shoal

I strongly believe and stand for the Philippines’ rightful claim to the spratly islands. We own the The Spratly because it lies on our 200 NM border. I have gathered facts that support the claims of the Philippines over the Spratly Islands and the Scarborough Shoal.

1. In the 1900 Treaty of Washington, it provided that any and all islands belonging to the Philippine archipelago, lying outside the lines described in Article III of the Treaty of Paris, were also ceded to the United Staes. This included the Scarborough Shoal, which is outside the Treaty of Paris treaty lines. In effect, the Treaty of Washington amended the Treaty of Washington amended the Treaty of Paris, so that the islands ceded by Spain to the U.S. included islands within and outside the Treaty of Paris treaty lines, so long as Spain had title or claim of title to the islands.

The DFA asserts that the baasis of Philippine sovereignty and jurisdiction over the rock features of Bajo de Masinloc are not premised on the cession by Spain of the Philippine archipelago to the United States under the Treaty of Paris, and argues that the rock features of Bajo de Masinloc are not included or within the limits of the Treaty of Paris as alleged by China is therefore immaterial and of no concequence.

2. In the Convention Between the United States and Great Britain (1930) was an agreement between the governments the United Kingdom and the United States to definitely delimit the boundary between North Borneo (then a British protectorate) and the Philippine archipelago (then a U.S. Territory).[1]

The convention was signed in Washington D.C. on January 2, 1930 by U.S. Secretary of State Henry L. Stimson and British Ambassador to the United States Esme Howard. It was ratified by the U.S. in February 1930 and, after clarification by exchanges of notes between the two governments in 1930 and 1932, by the United Kingdom in November 1932. It entered into force after an exchange of ratifications on December 13, 1932

3. President Ferdinand MArcos, by virtue of the Presidential Decree No. 1596 issues on June 11, 1978 asserted that islands designated as the Kalayaan Island Group and compromising most of the Spratly Islands are subject to the sovereignty of the Philippines, and by virtue of the Presidential Decree No. 1599 issued on June 11, 1978 claimedn Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) up to 200 nautical miles (370 km) from the baselines from which their territorial sea is measured.

-Laurence C. Tan Velez BSOT-1A