Overpopulation is the single greatest danger to our planet, resources and our own people. The lack of an effective system for controlling the growing population in the Philippines has led us to the highest population ever recorded in the history of our country – 101,802,706.

The lack of the dissemination of accurate information about birth control and family planning methods contribute a lot to the exponential upsurge in the Philippine population. Our state of mind due to our religion, most being Christians, have led to the rejection of the idea of birth control. People would rather have a child grow in the streets, sleep in the road, inhale solvents(rugby) instead of food instead of accepting the fact and helping spread the word that birth control can and will help alleviate the problem of overpopulation.

We also can’t ignore the fact that the mismanagement of resources intensifies the problems brought upon by overpopulation. The rich tend to have more and more each year and the poor tend to have less. The fact that the upper 10% of the Philippine population has 50% of the Philippine wealth is an evidence of this. With the rising population, the gap between the rich and the poor will only grow wider each year.

Poverty and unemployment directly affect the health, educational status and mental state of the Filipinos. Both of these factor are mostly due to overpopulation. The underprivileged in the Philippines are the citizens who are victims of the system. The system in the Philippines where those who have more money are the ones given the chance to have a better life. Overpopulation intensifies this system. More people means less farming lands since capitalists transform our lands to buildings and establishments.

In conclusion, the demography of the Philippines obviously shows an overpopulated country that doesn’t know how to cope with such problem. A comprehensive plan centered on the average Filipino should alleviate this problem with the help of every citizen. Filipinos must realize that we are headed into a dark future and only we can ourselves.